Online Marketing Tips To Drive Sales In The Holiday Season

Consistent growth in e-commerce spending suggests that 2016 could be a record-breaking year in online spending. The holiday shopping season is around the corner and marketers have to focus on consumers in the most relevant way. Is your online marketing strategy ready to get the most out of holiday season? If you haven’t yet redesigned your online marketing approach for the holidays, it’s never too late. In this blog post, I will give you some of the best online marketing tips to boost up sales in the holiday season.


It is a good idea to build season-based landing pages to make your website more relevant for holiday shoppers. Identify and analyze your web pages in terms of performance so that you can push the traffic to your highest converting landing pages. It takes time to build an ideal landing page that suits a particular occasion. However, make sure you examine and finalize this process well before time. You definitely need your best performers before people start shopping.

In addition to this, you should leverage the power of holiday rush. Include time-sensitive offers to your seasonal landing pages. You can add countdown timers to tell your customers how much time they have left to get that special offer or discount. Give your prospects a reason why they should buy from you right now.


Holiday email marketing campaign is slightly different from the traditional one. You might use a traditional marketing plan to reach out to customers every 15 days with an offer. During the holiday season, you have to be more aggressive with your email marketing efforts as your consumers are in buying mood.

It is of no use to drop promotional emails at the last minute. Do not wait too long. You might lose customers to your competitors that reach them sooner. The holiday season is said to be the best time to increase the number of visitors and subscribers through email marketing.


It is highly advisable to use search terms like “year-end deals” and “special offers” in your content. You can search out holiday search terms according to your industry. Pay special attention to the holiday version of keywords that could drive most of the traffic to your website. Do not limit yourself to keywords. Plan out a brief holiday content strategy that may include promotional blogs and social media posts.

It is recommended to increase posting frequency during the holidays. Using holiday-specific messages, hashtags, videos, and images is also a good idea. Grab all those visitors who are looking for deals and special offers. Valuable content is an inseparable part of any marketing strategy. It is the content that drives sales and establishes retailer’s authority. Therefore, be considerate while drafting your holiday-themed content.


I am sure you have repeatedly heard that your business needs a mobile-friendly website. However, the need for a website that facilitates mobile users escalates during peak shopping season. I am sure you cannot afford to lose all those consumers who are looking for you on mobile devices. So make sure your website runs smoothly on desktop computers as well as on mobile phones.

Make sure you update your online marketing practices to accommodate the holiday season. For small businesses, holiday season is the best time to amplify their presence as a brand.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process of building the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into leads and customers. Conversion is when visitors to your website do what you want them to do. A conversion is not necessarily a purchase. It can be an email sign up, creation of an account or app download.

More than 50% of company respondents believe that conversion rate optimization is critical to their overall digital marketing strategy. Why is CRO important for you? Answer:

  • It lowers customer acquisition cost by getting the most out of your existing website visitors
  • It allows you to establish conversion metrics and measure the number of leads and sales your website generate
  • CRO makes sense because your profit depends largely on conversion rate
  • Optimize the conversion funnel that generates the greatest number of conversion

If the landing page of your site has a conversion rate of 5% and receives 1000 visitors a month, that means the page will generate 50 conversions. Now, if you improve the conversion rate to 10% , by enhancing various elements on the page, the number of conversions will rise to 100 per month. Let’s discuss some of the valuable areas that you need to focus on for CRO.

Customer Journey Analysis

It has become increasingly difficult to predict the customer behavior. However, being a businessman, you have to understand your customers and the process they like to go through before making a purchase. You need to identify and eliminate the pain points.

Gather all the information and data that might help you understand the customer journey. Having significant data will enable you to carry out customer journey analysis.

Multivariate Testing

What is A/B or multivariate testing? In simple words, you set up two landing pages with different elements. Perhaps, one has a colorful CTA and the other has a less colorful CTA. And then your website displays one page with bright CTA to half of your online visitors and the other page with less colorful CTA to the other half of your online visitors. Now you can see whether or not a minor change to CTA can make a difference to CR. It’s true that a minor tweak can squeeze out conversions. You can test elements like page layout, copy, headings, and design. After a thorough testing, you can interpret results and select a winning combination.

Surveys and Feedbacks

If you want to know more about your website, ask visitors. All the information extracted from surveys can be used to enhance user experience. There are a number of techniques that you can use to collect survey responses.

Other Benefits of CRO

Conversion optimization not only increases conversion but also leads to a better user experience. Elimination of all the unnecessary barriers would result into a better customer journey. CRO does not mean that you have to manipulate your visitors into converting. Rather, it is about making your web visitors browse your site with great ease.

There have been plenty of studies which suggest that the contemporary generation of consumers have short attention span. For an online retailer, it means that if the average user is unable to find solutions quickly, they will move on to websites that readily provide solutions to their problems. The prime objective of conversion rate optimization is to grab visitor’s attention.