4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Start Blogging

November 21, 2016

4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Start Blogging

Business blogging is considered a valuable marketing practice that helps a business increase its online visibility.  It is an act of creating relevant content in form of blog posts and publishing it on your business website. A blog serves as a marketing channel that can help grow a business by driving in traffic to a website and converting that traffic into customers and leads.

I intend to write this blog post for small businesses that wonder whether or not blogging is important.  Many business owners ask me this question whether blogging is of any significance or not. My answer is always a big yes for blogging offers a number of benefits in terms of leads, visibility, and sales.

Another important question pops up in minds is ‘whether my blog be hosted on my business website or elsewhere. To be concise, yes. It is important to host your business blog on your business website. Hosting a blog independent of your business site will eliminate most of the blogging benefits. Now I will discuss 4 reasons why small businesses need to blog on their website.

Blogging boost SEO and drive in traffic

Every business wants more visitors on their websites. Blogging is a very effective way to find and attract them. With every new blog post, you increase the chances of becoming more visible through search engine results. The more blog posts you have, the more likely you are to get visible. It enhances the organic search visibility and website traffic.

Blogging builds repute and authority

Maintaining a blog is the best way to establish the repute of your business as the leader in the industry. A blog offers you an opportunity to discuss and share important information associated with your business and industry. The best approach is to address common questions your customers and leads might have.

If you create content and provide valuable information to your target audience on regular basis, it will build your business as an authority. Just imagine how amazing it would be if you write educational blog posts that have solutions and value for your customers.

Blogging yields long-term results

When you write and post a blog on your business website, it provides a couple of benefits. First, a short-term benefit; it generates a number of views and, consequently, few leads. Second, a long-term benefit as it helps your website with search engine optimization. Search engines now consider blog posts when it comes to the ranking of a website in SERPs. So while you enjoy your holidays, your blog posts would stay at work.

Blogging helps convert visitors into leads

The content on your website may be insufficient to explain all the details associated with your products and services. Blogging provides you an opportunity to talk more about your business and that is what most of your customers are looking for. It is true that not every visitor will become a lead. However, a blog post, full of useful information, is always a good tool to convert visitors into customers.

So stay focus and keep writing valuable blog posts for your readers. No matter how small your business is, you can build trust, engagement, and relationships by providing expert information in your business blog posts.

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