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Raja Mohsin Abbas is the president of Reach First, a digital marketing agency that has offices in 2 different continents. In addition to this business, Raja has served as a consultant for many companies in North America. Streamlining business processes and increasing profits are his specialties.

Raja has a deep-rooted love for Pakistan, and through his entrepreneurial endeavors and building businesses from the ground up, he wants to empower the youth of Pakistan to contribute towards Its economic growth.

Origin Story

Raja migrated to Canada at a young age, along with his family. In keeping with the trend of entrepreneurial business people, Raja left traditional education behind and focused more on real-world knowledge. He sharpened his business skills by joining as many of them as he could. He learned about every role player and behind the scene operations of the business.

The skills came in handy when he launched his business that had a unique approach to conducting business. This business would eventually evolve into Reach First, but the journey was not all that easy.

Reach First was established in 2008 in Edmonton, Canada, as a website development company. The needs of the clients and building a steady stream of income helped the business transform into what it is today - an international full-service digital marketing agency.

With a flourishing business, Raja turned his attention towards contributing to his home country. He wants to bring revenue, focus, recognition, and, most importantly, jobs to Pakistan. He believes that the young generation is the key to a prosperous Pakistan. We have to educate and empower them; this is the only way to give Pakistan’s economy the boost it needs.

He wants to accomplish his goals by presenting real solutions and ventures that give Pakistan’s youth the platform they need to grow as professionals and entrepreneurs.


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