5 Ways To Generate More Sales From A Website

November 3, 2016

5 Ways To Generate More Sales From A Website

So you are looking to build a new website, or you already have one? In both cases, this blog post will help you understand how you can use your website as an effective tool to increase sales. Before starting, let me discuss some fundamental characteristics of a good business website.

The first step towards building a highly successful site is to secure a URL that makes sense and represents your company in the best possible way. It could be your business name or a phrase that represents the philosophy of your business. Second, make sure that your website is aesthetically pleasing taking into account the importance of user experience and SEO. The structure and content of a website are of utmost importance when it comes to SERPs.

A simple principle of building a good website is to think of its potential users and act accordingly. Here are 5 things you can do to grow and promote your business through a website.

#1. Implement responsive design

People use all kind of devices to access the internet. Recent stats suggest that most of the web traffic is generated by mobile devices. Until four years ago, web designing was limited to desktop computers. Now, you have to make a website optimized for any device that runs the internet.

In order to increase sales, your business website has to facilitate users using all different kind of devices. I would recommend you to use platforms like Drupal and WordPress which make it convenient to implement responsive designs.

#2.  Make website easy to navigate

People stay longer on a site that offers satisfactory solutions in simple ways. A website is not of any use if it does not offer clear navigation. Therefore, make sure that you attach simple and sensible names to web pages. Implementation of a clear navigation strategy will allow users to move and find information easily.

Add call-to-actions to let people direct what you want them to do. For example, after describing a product that you offer, you can make people place orders by adding a CTA at the end. You can make a CTA a hyperlink to the corresponding page.

#3. Enhance the visibility of website  

What if your website is invisible in SERP’s and people are unable to find your business on the web? It will damage the repute of your business. SEO is a good way to improve the presence of your website on the internet. Search engine optimization is a gradual process that pays off in the long run.

If you have plenty of competitors out there, you have to make sure that your website is better than that of your competitors, in terms of visibility, design and responsiveness. This will give your business a real boost.

#4. Interesting and useful content

Content on your website can make a huge difference. A well-organized, relevant and engaging content is the cornerstone of a business website. So create to-the-point and compelling content in form of paragraphs, full of information for your prospect, bullet points, catchy tag lines and CTAs.

Web content is not limited to text and images. You can add compelling videos about your business. People do like the video demonstration of products and services.  In addition to this, you should provide maximum details about your business to make a website more persuasive.

#5. Homepage should represent one product or service

The nature of a website may vary from business to business. It is recommended that you only display one product or set of a product with more copy providing an in-depth description. If you do not like the idea, it’s better to test it, whether or not it is suitable for your targeted audience.

E-commerce is the future of your business. For that, you need a website capable of bringing in sales. Make sure that your website is the best possible presentation of your business.

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