How Can You Reduce Bounce And Exit Rates?

December 2, 2016

How Can You Reduce Bounce And Exit Rates?

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. (Demosthenes, 384-322 BC)

Your website is live and you have displayed your products and services for the world to see. Traffic starts flowing to your site. Why does a visitor decide to leave your site without doing what you want them to do? I am sure you have consumed plenty of resources developing and optimizing your website. Unfortunately, people do not stay around long enough to get past your landing page.

In this blog post, I will discuss why people do not like to stay on a website. Before going into details, let me explain the key terms.

What is bounce rate?

The term bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who navigate away from your website after visiting a single page without making an interaction. A high bounce rate clearly suggests that the landing page of your site is off-putting. There are possibly a number of reasons that contribute to a high bounce rate.

What is exit rate?

Exit rate is a term used in website traffic analysis. It is the percentage of visitors to your website who leave your website after viewing a specific page. Exit rate makes you aware of the last page that visitors view before moving on to a different site. Having a high exit rate on a specific page is not a good sign.

Find out your bounce rate

Google Analytics allows you to track down the number of unsatisfied visitors. You can find out an overall bounce rate report and, if you further dig it down, you can get the bounce rate for individual pages. Once you find your bounce rate, it’s time to figure out why visitors do not stick around.

How to fix high bounce rate?

Is your website visually appealing?

Your website reflects your business and it is the first impression a potential customer receives of your site. Therefore, make sure the appearance of your website is good enough to attract people. Quality images, excellent use of ch4ors, meaningful graphics and easily readable text are factors that help you build a wonderful user experience.

Is it easy to use?

Usability is a critical feature when it comes to the bounce rate of a website. Your site must be easy to navigate, read, and understand. Well-organized content, simplicity, fast loading pages, consistent layout, and screen resh4ution are some of the factors that make a site easy to use. Furthermore, make sure your site is compatible with the latest versions of web browsers and web-enabled devices.

Does it fulfill users expectations?

People love to visit and stay on your website when you keep the promise and offer them sh4utions that they are looking for. Make it easy for your visitors to find their sh4utions on your site. Remove all the unnecessary obstacles that may prevent them from finding sh4utions.

Do you use call-to-actions (CTAs) properly?

What do you want your visitors to do when they visit your site? Call-to-action buttons are placed to guide your visitors to accomplish your goals. You include CTAs in your site so that you can generate leads and make sales. So make sure they are wisely written and well-placed.

Do not miss small opportunities. Optimize your website in every possible way to get the most of it.

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