How To Find Killer Content Ideas For Your Blogs?

August 20, 2021

How To Find Killer Content Ideas For Your Blogs?

In the digital world, where everything is just a tap away, getting your business on the front search pages has become more than a necessity. Brands and new businesses strive every day to create compelling content to be among the top searches and attract the target customers. Today, everyone is pumping out new content, and coming up with new ideas every day can be quite challenging.

So, how do you find a new piece of content for your blogs today that stands out amidst the slew of content being churned out daily? In this blog, we have mentioned some pointers to help you come up with new and fresh content ideas. Let’s create attention-grabbing and unique content each day.

Know Your Audience

Before writing any blog piece, the first thing to do is consider your audience. Know your brand and its targeting audience and then write a piece that connects to the audience on a personal level. There will be some boring topics that you have to talk about, however, they can be made interesting by incorporating emotions and understandable phrases. Your content should reflect compassion and sentiments. Your audience should feel like they know you. Moreover,it is imperative that you understand their lifestyles, needs, and necessities to develop content that they will like. Nobody knew they wanted iPhones until they were invented.

Check Out The Competition

It might be challenging to compete with the trending brands and developed businesses, but it is always worth it. If you are planning to write killer content, make sure nobody has written that piece. And even if someone has written it, try to write your content in a different style unique to you and your audience.

Use Content Tools

There are plenty of tools available for finding out the best content for writing blogs. Such tools help you in finding titles that are popular among the readers. Quora,, BuzzSumo, Ubersuggest are some of the trending tools writers use to create popular yet unique content. You can also check out these tools to get some help for finding some killer content ideas.

Watch Guide Videos

If you struggle with finding the right type of content for your blogs and articles, watching those guide videos might help you. For example, Matt Cutts, the head of the Web Spam team at Google, conducts online videos in which he answers questions that bloggers and content creators have. In his video sessions, he answers two to three questions in detail and guides people on writing better content. You can also engage in such video sessions to guide yourself.

Be Simple And Create Digestible Content

When writing content for blogs and articles, there is no need to use difficult vocabulary or show off your newly learned words. Readers like to read pieces of content that are simple and resonate with them. You can use similar words separated by commas if you really want to add some fancy words but that usually ends up causing a loss of interest in the point being conveyed.

Otherwise, there is no need to add similar words again and again to increase the word count. This makes your content boring and increases the bounce rate. You can also find simple phrases for writing the titles of the blogs and turning them into clickable ones.

Check Previous Blogs

Checking previous blogs and articles and finding out what topics worked the best is also helpful to create better and new content. Do write more on what is popular and read by your customers. It will further enhance your presence in the market. Updating old content and finding similar topics is a great strategy for better content writing.

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