How To Maintain Your Brand’s Consistency As It Grows?

October 22, 2021

How To Maintain Your Brand’s Consistency As It Grows?

When it comes to building your brand and marketing it for its growth, consistency and maintaining its unique identity are key. Having a unique voice of your brand that distinguishes it from the rest of the options is necessary so people would instantly recognize it anywhere they see. Big brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, KFC have succeeded in building a unique brand that separates them from the rest of the brands.

However, with the changing times, businesses also evolve, and it can change the look and feel of your brand. Nevertheless, bigger brands focus on the basic look to remain consistent. Take PEPSI as an example. It hasn’t changed its basic look since it came out, and still, we can see the same fonts, logo, and colors.

They also consider nostalgia marketing to refresh their original identity and maintain brand consistency. Therefore, having brand consistency is important to take your brand to the next level. With all this, let’s have a look at some helpful pointers to maintain your brand consistency.

Remain Authentic

Remaining authentic to your audience for introducing your brand to them is critical. The first thing to maintain your brand uniqueness is to be authentic to your audience. Your marketing strategy should reflect what you do and your core business values.

You might add products, lines, offers, copies, and more, but it should not change your brand’s core concept and what it does. If you feel like deviating from your core identity in marketing, reflect again and see what you can do to get back to your ‘true identity.’

Understand Your Brand Voice

Having a brand voice and well-thought content strategy is important for your business. To create a voice for your brand, you can imagine it as a character and identify its likes, dislikes, goals, missions, and other important points.

Also, devise a social media engagement strategy and how your representatives will interact with the customers by asking queries. Have a unique and consistent brand voice ready to market your product and interact with your people. It will leave an impression on their minds, and they will recall your brand upon seeing something similar to your brand.

Maintain Your Tone And Voice

It might surprise you that maintaining the tone and voice of your brand is also necessary and is not just limited to humans only. Voice defines your brand, and the tone targets a specific category of individuals in the market.

However, you can change these two based on the channel, situation, and audience. Your core business value gives an idea of what type of tone and voice your brand should have. Other than this, you can take the following measures to determine the tone and voice of your brand:

  • Study Your buyers and their personas
  • Check their reviews
  • Listen to their concerns
  • Study your competitor
  • Define your voice in at least three words

Keep Consistent Logos And Colors

If the logo appearing in your social media posts is not consistent, how will your audience remember your brand? Your logo is a unique identity for your brand, and its colors identify it. Take your time to build a perfectly fit logo for your brand that reflects your business’ goals. Moreover, the color picking process should be handled carefully and must remain consistent in all stages.


Setting up a brand and maintaining its uniqueness is a long and well-thought process requiring optimal content strategy and other points. The thought of maintaining your business consistency might feel you antsy, and it is a missing link in many brands in the market. Analyze your brand and the results of your efforts to see what customers like, and then develop the right marketing plan with the help of professional marketers.

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