Managing Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 23, 2020

Managing Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Many businesses around the world are suffering from the ongoing situation of Coronavirus, and digital marketing firms are no exception in this regard. Marketing your business successfully during these uncertain times of COVID-19 is, no doubt, full of challenges. Now is the time to adapt your marketing strategy to the current and upcoming challenges.

Although it’s tough to spell out precisely what decisions you should take to make your marketing plan successful; still, some fundamental principles apply equally to all digital marketers alike. The key is to stick to these general rules and use them to overcome the current and upcoming challenges of the CoronaVirus outbreak.

The following are some of the vital things you can do to execute your online marketing strategy effectively during COVID-19 pandemic:

Understand Your Clients’ Problems

Whether it’s a routine or a pandemic, the very first thing you need to do is know your problems your customers are facing and how you can solve them. Although, during an outbreak such as COVID-19, issues faced by your clients will be different. Therefore, it’s vital to conduct careful surveys to quantify how many of your clients are struggling in particular areas. Once you know your clients’ issues, you can go back to produce your marketing communication strategy.

Keep Focusing On Your Existing Customers

It’s always cost-effective to market your services to existing clients instead of new ones irrespective of the kind of situation you’re facing. Ask yourself the following questions: “What can you do to assist your current clients? Can you offer any additional products or services? Can you provide discounts on specific services, or speed up delivery of items for an additional fee? Can you enter into a partnership with other local businesses to improve your service delivery process?”

Whatever you decide, make sure you invest enough money into your digital marketing plan to achieve a competitive advantage over other businesses who are not being able to spend due to lost revenue under these uncertain times.

Change Your Service Delivery Method

Brick and mortar type businesses that are no longer able to see their clients in person at their stores must exploit other ways of setting appointments or generating leads and revenues. Dentists can offer their patients virtual consultations instead of asking them to come physically at their clinic because they’re practicing social-distancing. Financial advisors can also opt for this kind of delivery of service and fulfill the needs of their clients.

Communicate About Any Changes Clearly

Due to the current pandemic situation, many business owners are forced to change the ways of delivering products and services to their clients. Whether you’ve made up your mind on providing alternate delivery options to your customers, or have changed your business hours of operations, communicate your message across all of your digital channels.

This will assist you to retain your customers and meet their expectations during these uncertain times by keeping in touch with them all the time.

Optimize Your Efforts For Multiple Channels

Due to the ongoing situation of CoronaVirus, people are spending more time on various online platforms. This allows you to communicate your message consistently to your clients irrespective of how they’re interacting with you. To succeed, you’ve to create a brand voice and strategy and translate it always across multiple channels such as your website, content, social media, and mobile app.

Create A Seamless Client Experience

Creating a seamless experience for your customers will help you convert more irrespective of how you bring them to your various digital channels. This includes creating a website or application with clear calls-to-action and making it easy to use for your average client to provide a simple and trouble-free customer experience.

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