Social Media Marketing: Your Key To Increasing Brand Awareness

April 22, 2021

Social Media Marketing: Your Key To Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is vital to the growth of your business. The more people know about your business, the more customers you will obtain, thus effectively increasing your service and product sales. With the rise in social media use, companies look toward social platforms to expand their reach, but social media marketing is not easy. It is not simply making an account on a social media platform and inviting random people to like your page. To put yourself on the radar, attract the right audience and have a high conversion rate, you need to have a strong social media marketing campaign.

So how do you gain an audience from the millions of users wandering through the numerous social platforms? Here is a list of six ways you can boost your brand awareness to a whole new level:

Use Visual Content

Content marketing is an invaluable aspect of digital marketing campaigns. Posting relevant and shareable content can help your business establish itself in the market. However, it should not only be limited to writing articles for your services and products.

People are more prone to sharing visually appealing content, so you should include various content such as photos, videos, gifs, infographics, and memes to hook into a specific audience. The best way to ensure your content remains attractive and engaging is to keep practicing with different styles.

Develop A Unique Personality

People are more likely to engage in a conversation that is casual and relatable for them. Your audience is human, so you need to ensure that you talk like one – add the human factor into your content. If you are charismatic and have a good sense of humor, you should make sure that it reflects in the voice and tone of your posts – this will help you attract more followers.

Different Tone For Each Platform

You need to have a different tone for each social media platform according to the type of audience and theme of that platform. Since a majority of people use Facebook compared to other platforms, you need to have a handle there as it allows you to target a wider audience.

To engage with more tech-savvy people, Twitter is your best option, while LinkedIn is for a more formal approach as it is used by companies that are looking for employees or business partners. If you are good at photography, you should turn to Instagram and pair them with your Facebook account.

Follow Other Influencers

An influencer is well known in the social media market and has a wide number of followers. They can convince their followers to seriously consider buying a new product as people are more likely to trust a source they know.

You should find influencers in the industry on each platform and follow them. Interacting with them on social media can help you attract their followers via comments – this can get them talking about your services and boost your brand awareness.

Use Q&A Sites

Some websites on social media cater to curious people specifically – you can use this for your business’s marketing campaign. These sites allow people to ask questions about anything as well as answer an inquiry. Keep an eye out for discussions related to the themes of your services and naturally engage with them without seeming like a salesperson. This can help you to drive traffic to your website or social platform and convert leads to customers.


Another way to create awareness and help people answer questions regarding your product or service is to start blogging. Create high-quality posts that provide them the correct information and educate your audience about new services and products. You can ask other bloggers to share content on each other’s platform if your businesses follow a similar theme or practice guest blogging by getting your articles shared on a third-party website – this way, you can increase your brand exposure.

Increasing brand awareness is critical to the growth of any business. You can exploit the potential of various social media sites to reach and engage with millions of users. Social media is one of the most effective tools which allows you to interact directly with your potential customers. Having a solid social media marketing strategy can do wonders for your business, and its sales lead.

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