Technology And Its Impact On Marketing

December 29, 2016

Technology And Its Impact On Marketing

The recent advancements in information technology have completely changed the landscape of marketing. The impact of technology on marketing processes is rather diverse. Information technology has introduced plenty of innovative and useful tools that a marketer can use to reach the audience systematically.

Marketing technology or martech is commonly defined as a set of tools and platforms that streamline your marketing efforts. It automates complex, mundane, and repetitive tasks to surface customer insight. Whether you rely on traditional marketing tactics or follow inbound marketing philosophy, you need marketing technology providers to manage your marketing tasks.

Primary Marketing Technologies

There is a range of technologies that manage marketing processes such as social media campaign, customer relationships, and content management. If we discuss content marketing alone, there are tools that manage content distribution, optimization, measurement, and curation. Some of the primary marketing technologies are:

  • Conversion optimization tools
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Search engine marketing tools
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Analytics solutions
  • Email marketing tools
  • Data management platforms
  • Mobile optimization solutions
  • Monitoring and advertising tools
  • Project management tools

This list only shows a few marketing technologies that can streamline some of your marketing tasks. The bottom line is that technology facilitates all modern marketing practices.  

Impact Of Martech On Businesses

Technology has completely transformed the way organizations collect, organize and process marketing data. It has drastically changed the way businesses reach consumers. A few years ago, the idea of generating, converting, and nurturing leads was considered to be strategically unrealistic and time-consuming. Nowadays, software like Hubspot has made lead management affairs quite seamless. Marketing software enables businesses to influence buyers progression through a sales process. Businesses can easily monitor and adjust their digital marketing campaigns through technology and innovation.

Impact Of Martech On Consumers

The internet provides information and capabilities that put consumers in the driver’s seat. From a consumer perspective, marketing and technology are inseparably connected with the way people buy products and services. From Google paid search results to Facebook advertising, consumers experience an increasingly data-driven exposure.

Ad blindness is an interesting outcome of data-driven marketing practices. Consumers, however, have developed the tendency to ignore ads consciously or unconsciously. More a consumer is exposed to sponsored content, more he is likely to ignore it. Taking this fact into account, digital marketers now have to come up with compelling campaigns that have value for consumers.   

What Are The Best Marketing Technologies For Your Business?

It is crucial to determine which marketing technologies suit your digital marketing campaigns. If you use to manage a great number of marketing tasks simultaneously and unable to determine which tools are most effective, you should start investing in campaign performance analysis tools. Analyze your budget, needs, future growth, and the size of your business before purchasing a marketing software. It is worth considering marketing solutions that offer multiple capabilities. Selecting an all-in-one marketing automation solution, that integrates well with your business processes, is a good way to avoid software incompatibilities.

Marketers have to develop an understanding of the continuously evolving marketing trends and information technology.  Consumers use smartphones, watches, iPads and other technologies to access content. As a result, marketers have to come up with creative marketing campaigns and become proficient in utilizing marketing technologies.

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