The Best SEO Strategies To Follow In 2020

November 18, 2020

The Best SEO Strategies To Follow In 2020

Google is changing algorithms every day. You need to strategize your SEO techniques and make your rank game strong. Here is a harsh truth that if you don’t rank on Google’s first ten pages, you will be invisible on it.

Although Google is making things harder, you can always do something to keep up with the latest trends in SEO. Our blog will be guiding you about what is in store for SEO 2020. Follow these strategies to make effective SEO-friendly content, websites, blog posts, and more.

#1 High-Quality Content

Content is king and will be. It is the lifeblood of SEO. But, content that is not optimized for SEO is just a waste of your time. To reach your audience, you need to write something relevant to them.

Creating content that is unique as well as relevant to your audience at the same time is good. Similar blogs or articles will knockout each other out of results. Moreover, long-form articles such as those with a word count of 2500 or more get three times more views.

While generating a long-form content, keep a good balance between keyword difficulty and search volume. Form a content that is engaging, informative yet long enough to rank on Google. You can use Semrush for checking keyword difficulty.

#2 Page Speed

Optimize your page speed before putting content on it. GTMetrix is a free tool that can give you insights about the page speed. Your page should not take longer than 3 seconds to load.

Improving page speed is important to increase your views and rank on Google. You can consider several factors for improving your page speed, including:

  • Reducing the size of images
  • Deleting unnecessary plugins
  • Enable browser caching
  • Reducing redirects
  • Reducing server response time
  • Minimize CSS files

#3 Internal Linking

Internal linking helps Google understand the type of content your website has. It also helps in establishing a form of hierarchy for your website. Internal linking helps to link to other content on the same domain. It can optimize your website for about 40%-50%.

#4 Title Tags And Meta Description

Write compelling title tags and meta descriptions. Include keywords in the title tags to rank in the most popular searched terms. Title tags are a good way to give insight into your content. There is a limit of 60 characters for your title tag to be fully displayed by Google.

Including keywords, avoiding duplicate content, creating unique and descriptive titles are some of the key tips for creating effective title tags.

Meta descriptions also hold paramount importance. It is a brief description of what your title is about in SERPs. Providing users with an accurate and unique summary while including keywords are key factors of a good meta description.

#5 Backlinks

Google considers backlinks as a vote of confidence to your website. A higher number of backlinks increases your chances of ranking higher on the search engines. The better the backlinks are, the more traffic you will have.

Guest posting, checking competitors, social media posting, and blogging are important for increasing backlinks to your website.

#6 User-Experience

Increasing the user experience of your website will increase traffic on it. This will lead to a higher engagement rate. Users will visit your page because they find your content interesting. Some other things that you should consider for increasing user experience are:

  • Setting whitespaces to your text that improves comprehension
  • Use headings and subheadings
  • Avoiding intrusive pop-ups
  • Including graphics and making the content interesting for users to read
  • Improving page speed

#7 Keywords

Search for the right keywords before forming content. It helps you know what people are searching for. Several tools are available for searching the right keyword, such as UberSuggest, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, or more.

Include keywords in URL, Meta description, content, headings, and a conclusion while maintaining the right keyword density. Overstuffing them will not improve your search rank. Also, set secondary keywords.

SEO optimized websites and content is fuel for your business. The above guidelines will help you stay at the top of the market when implemented correctly. If you want to rank better, follow these SEO trends and stay ahead of the game.

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