Why Do You Need A Sound Mobile Marketing Strategy?

January 11, 2017

Why Do You Need A Sound Mobile Marketing Strategy?

We use mobile phones all the time. Don’t we? Do you think marketing to mobile users is important? An increasing number of people use mobile devices to find solutions on the internet. Mobile marketing and building customer loyalty are relatively old concepts. However, mobile marketing strategy has evolved rapidly over the past few years. It is time to think beyond the idea of having a mobile-friendly website. Let’s talk about some of the most effective mobile marketing strategies that can have a sound impact on your conversion rate and engagement.

Responding To Micro Moments

Micro-moments are critical touch points so far as today’s consumer journey is concerned. People are more loyal to their needs than to brands. Therefore, you need to be relevant to your consumer’s needs in the moment and connect them with answers they are searching for. Forecast the micro-moments for your users and make sure you are there to help when those moments occur.  A fast and frictionless mobile experience will certainly improve the quality of your mobile web presence.

Location-based Information

The number of users who look up search engines to find location-based information on their mobile devices is likely to increase in 2017. For that, you have to rank your mobile site and app for location-based keywords. Target mobile users in your area by using hyperlocal advertising.

Sharing content across local marketing channels is also an effective way to engage local prospects. Marketing content to local consumers not only increase local sales but also build the image of your brand in local communities. The process of targeting local customers is called hyperlocal marketing.

Mobile Apps

There are thousands of mobile applications which serve educational and informational purposes. How can marketers use mobile apps to improve brand awareness and sales? Before developing a mobile app for your business, you should be well aware of your potential customers and their needs in order to create a more relevant mobile experience. With the rise of mobile devices and smartphones, business mobile apps have grown in importance.

Mobile ads

Mobile marketing is a unique way to create an interactive online experience for prospects. A recent study indicates that mobile ads, in terms of output, are five times better than internet ads. However, mobile ads should be designed according to the buying habits of your customers. They should be valuable rather than intrusive. When it comes to mobile marketing, creating a dialogue is way better than creating a monolog. Consumer’s buying record provide you insights that will help you determine needs and wants of your targeted audience.

Get Closer To Your Customers

People carry mobile devices with them all the time and marketers need to understand how they can turn this situation in their favor. Mobile devices offer the best platform where marketers can approach their customers in a personalized manner. That is why mobile marketing is considered to be the most personalized form of marketing.

Mobile devices and mobile marketing are likely to stay relevant for years to come and gain even more popularity as time goes on. So it’s time for you to create an effective mobile marketing strategy for your business.

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